Silicone CPAP Tube Brush

Proper cleaning of CPAP equipment is essential to keeping it free of bacteria and mold. Make this process easy for your customers by providing them a tube brush compatible with any 19mm or 15mm diameter tubing with a maximum length of 6′.

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Here’s how the Republic of Sleep Tube Brush can benefit your customer!

Better and Different

The Republic of Sleep Tube Brush uses a specially-designed silicone head created to clean every inch of the inside of the tube, removing harmful deposits from the space, so your customer can keep their tube cleaner with less effort. 

Compatible With Most CPAP Tubing

The Republic of Sleep Tube Brush is compatible with standard 19mm tube or slim 15mm tube, including straight, angled, or heated tubing.

Note: The Republic of Sleep Tube Brush is not compatible with DreamStation Go 12mm Micro Tubing or AirMini Tubing.

Easy to Use and Easy to Store

The Republic of Sleep CPAP Tube Brush abandons the traditional wire design used by most tube brushes in favor of a tether-based design—a long cord that is fed through the length of the tube and pulled out the other end—making it’s easier to use. It’s also easier to pack and store, fitting into a smaller space with less effort.


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